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Thermal measurement
1. Capability
        GRGT is equipped with automatic calibrating apparatus of temperature and humidity test equipment, radiation thermometer, calibrating box of hygrothermograph, precision dew-point hygrometer, constant temperature humidity chamber, standard constant temperature bath, secondary standard platinum resistance thermometer, first standard group platinum-10% rhodium /platinum thermocouples, first standard group platinum-30% rhodium / platinum-6% rhodium thermocouples, temperature calibrator, standard surface temperature source, calibration system of dew point hygrometer and other thermal measurement standard and equipment. It is qualified in the calibration of environmental test device, radiation thermometer, temperature and humidity indicator, humidity sensor, working standard platinum resistance thermometer, working base metal thermocouple, working noble metal thermocouple, secondary temperature instrument, surface thermometer, industrial dewpoint instrument and other instruments
2. Servcies available
Thermal measurement
Serial number Name of measuring instrument Serial number Name of measuring instrument Serial number Name of measuring instrument
1 digital temperaure indicators and controller 27 anemograph 53 thermocouple calibration furnace
2 temperature indication controller 28 rain test chamber 54 thermometer of WBGT-index meter
3 analogue temperature indicator and controller 29 temperature block calibrator 55 flow totalizer
4 recorder for industrial - process measurement 30 calibrator of surface thermometer 56 extension and compensating cables for thermocouples
5 standard mercury-in-class thermometer 31 temperature logger 57 electric-heated thermostatic water bath
6 working liquid-in-glass thermometer 32 asphalt softening point instrument 58 dew-point instrument
7 industrial electrical resistance thermometer 33 ozone box 59 refrigerating appliances
8 bimetal thermometer 34 microwave digestion system 60 clinical electronic thermometer
9 pressure type thermometer 35 electric iron 61 discoloration meter
10 radiation thermometer 36 dissolving apparatus 62 vacuum UV aging test chamber
11 mechanical thermo-hygrometer 37 vacuum drying oven 63 dynamic high temperature aging system for integrated circuit
12 temperature transmitter 38 standard concrete curing box (chamber) 64 solarization and weather resistant  testing instrument
13 mobile detecting meter of temperature 39 needle-flame tester 65 corrosive gas testing equipments
14 thermostatic bath 40 glow-wire tester 66 infrared thermometer for measurement of human temperature
15 digital hygrothermograph 41 flammability testing apparatus 67 sand and dust tester
16 environmental test device 42 solderability checker 68 working noble metal thermocouple
17 thermal imager 43 vicat softening point temperature tester 69 working copper- copper nickel thermocouple
18 thermal imager 44 magnetic stirring apparatus 70 furnace for heat treatment
19 working base metal thermocouple 45 lyophilizer 71 carbon dioxide incubator
20 colour fastness to washing tester 46 autoclave 72 illumination incubator
21 salt spray test equipment 47 boiling box 73 natural ventilation thermal test oven
22 sheathed thermocouple 48 calibrating box of hygrothermograph 74 forced ventilation thermal test oven
23 thermometer calibrator  49 tin brazier 75 osciuating disc curometer for rubber
24 chamber electric furnace 50 electric hot plate 76 Mooney’s viscosimeter for rubber
25 enthalpy difference lab 51 humidity sensor  
26 measuring device of household refrigerating appliances 52 electric ventilation psychrometer  
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