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Our ServiveService Metrology and CalibrationMeasurement of electric safety tools and devices
Measurement of electric safety tools and devices
1. Capability
        Safety production is the eternal theme of an enterprise. It is the first priority for the production, operation and management of a company to standardize the management of electric safety tools and devices, provide safe, reliable and practical electric safety tools and devices, and protect the health and safety of workers in electrical power system.
        The measurement of electric safety tools and devices is intended to prevent injury accident or occupational health hazards caused by electric shocks, burns, drops, falls, toxic and harmful substances,puncture or impact, high temperatures, dust, radiation and noise generated during the operation, maintenance, overhaul, testing and construction of electrical power system and assist the users to strictly control the quality of electric safety tools and devices.
2. Main measurement standards and basis:
  1. DL/T1476-2015 Preventive Test Code of Electric Safety Tools and Devices
  2. DL/T976-2005 Preventive Test Code of Tools, Devices and equipment for Live working
  3. GB26859-2011 Safety Code of Electric Power Industry – Part of Electric Lines
  4. GB 26164.1-2010 Safety Code of Electric Power Industry, Part 1: Thermal and Machine
  5. DL 5009.2-2013 Code of Safety Operation in Power Engineering Construction, Part 2: Power Transmission Line
  6. DL 5009.2-2013 Code of Safety Operation in Power Engineering Construction, Part 3: Transformer Substation
3. Servcies available
insulating substance and insulator
Serial number Object Serial number Object Serial number Object
1 insulating gloves 11 insulating cell 21 accident signal rod
2 insulated shoes (boot) 12 insulating ropes 22 insulator cradle
3 electroscope 13 insulating sling (electrodeless rope) 23 insulated pulleys
4 insulating bar 14 insulating rubber mat 24 Insulating ladder
5 short circuit equitment 15 insulation pad 25 insulating rope ladder
6 discharging rod 16 insulating blanket (insulating cloth) 26 insulating hand tool
7 insulating protective cover 17 straight extension rod 27 insulating helmet
8 insulating bush 18 strain extension rod 28 Insulating wraps
9 Insulating pole cover 19 insulating extension rod 29 insulated clothing (including jacket and trousers)
10 phase detector 20 height stick 30 aerial lift vehicle with insulating boom
mechanical property
Serial number Object Serial number Object Serial number Object
1 steel wire rope 8 load hook 15 aluminium alloy herringbone ladder
2 manila rope 9 double hook 16 bamboo (wood) ladder
3 fiber rope 10 wire grip 17 helmet
4 lifting belts 11  
wire grip
18 the complex of strain clamp, splicing sleeve and sterepsinema
5 hoist 12 safety belt (bar belt, bar rope, waist supporter, safety rope) 19 concentric lay overhead electrical stranded conductors
6 pulley wheel (rope block) 13  
climb plank
20 galvanized stranded wire
7 shackle 14 climbers  
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